Frequently Asked Questions


What's the meal size difference? Both regular and large are individual meals.  The regular is approximately 450-550 calories with large coming in around 550-650 calories. Family Meal calories are built like the regular meals at 450-550 calories per serving.  

How do I reheat my meals?  All individual sized meals can be heated in the microwave.  We suggest heating meals at 70% power for 2-2.5 minutes and then continued in 30 second intervals until heated through.  All family meals are to be heated in the oven per the written directions on the packaging 

 Can meals be frozen?  Many meals can be frozen, but we don't recommend doing so.  Meals such as, soups, chilis and stuffed peppers can be frozen, but we have found that they quickly become freezer burned.  

How long do the meals keep? We recommend eating the meals within a week of receiving, though best in the first 5 days.  

Do you deliver? We will deliver to homes or offices with a small deliver charge if none of the pickup locations are convenient.