Easy Access
Your meals are delivered each week to a nearby Pickup Spot. Meals are priced at only $12 each for individual meals, pricing varies with portion size all with a weekly rotating menu, available on our order page or through social media. Pickup Spots are located on our contact page.

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Support Local RVA
The goal is always to bring you the freshest meals possible. What's fresher than your own backyard? River City Reheats collaborates with local farmers and vendors to bring you food grown in OUR city.

We know that your active lifestyle sometimes doesn't lend itself home-cooked meals. That's where we come in. There is no shopping, chopping, prep or clean up. We offer fun and exciting new meals each week that are bound to keep you coming back.



Know your Food
Our intention is to always be up front with what you're getting in every meal. We aim to offer complete transparency and will include macronutrient breakdowns for each meal. You'll know exactly what you're fueling your body with and enjoy every bite

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